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In the heart of Germany, surrounded by green forests, lies our family business Efbe-Schott, run by Michael and Sandra Stolle. For several generations Efbe-Schott and the Maybaum brand have been combining innovation with quality "made in Germany".
Company building of Maybaum Efbe Schott

Sandra Stolle had been looking for a long time for a cuddly blanket that also heats. She noticed, that there are no modern and stylish electric heating blankets on the market. 

Efbe-Schott designed and produced the first electric blankets 90 years ago, but Sandra was astonished to discover that that the technology has hardly changed worldwide since then. The blankets feel unpleasantly heavy and rigid due to the wire heating elements - and are not breathable. Cleaning is cumbersome, there is always a latent risk of fire hazard due to overheating or a short circuit. 

Convinced, that there must be a better solution must be a better solution the whole team worked tirelessly to create the perfect technology without compromising on comfort and design. After years of hard work and many trials, we finally invented the world's first electric blanket for Maybaum that is machine washable and breathable, yet warms quickly and reliably.

We are proud to present an innovative technology that was not only developed in Germany but is also produced here. We have succeeded in designing the patented heating conductor in such a way, that a predetermined temperature threshold of max. 42 degrees cannot be exceeded. Our blankets are therefore not only comfortable, but also offer 100% safety. A real innovation that you can feel.

We are pleased to share this heating experience with you.

Yours, Sandra Stolle, Michael Stolle and the whole Maybaum and Efbe-Schott team