Discover the new Maybaum technology

A constant and homogeneous heat

Thanks to the new technology of intelligent fibres, the thermal output of the Maybaum heating blankets is constant without the fluctuations associated with the operation of a thermostat.

Our new technology avoids the formation of 'hotspots'. The heat is distributed homogeneously throughout the fabric. Warmth everywhere, constantly and without unpleasant hot spots.

Easy to clean

Our electric blankets and pillows are easy to wash, a world first. Until now, only the cover fabric could be washed, the laminated core with the heating element could not be immersed in water. Our new technology makes it easy to wash pillows, duvets and blankets. This means improved hygiene, especially during sports, with pets or with children.

Indoor & Outdoor

Another innovation from Maybaum. Thanks to the low voltage technology, safety and low consumption, our heating fabrics can be used inside and outside. Heat always & everywhere, thanks to the possibility of connecting rechargeable batteries at any time.

A new dimension of safety

Our new technology is based on low voltage, i.e. absolute safety from electrical short circuit and injury - even if the fabric is damaged. The intelligent fibres cannot exceed predefined temperature thresholds. This eliminates the risk of fire - the blankets are inherently safe.

Comfortable and fantastically pleasant

The pliable warmth of Maybaum is unique. They are the only heating fabrics that are not laminated and therefore 100% breathable. Manufactured without silicone, without aluminium and without steel wires, our fabrics are of a hitherto unrivalled pliability and flexibility.