Heat cushion+ Paris
Heat cushion+ Paris
Heat cushion+ Paris

Heat cushion+ Paris

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Never freeze again! Our Maybaum Comfort heat cushion transforms every seat into your private oasis of warmth. The stylish comfort cushion relaxes tired muscles and joints, relieves pain and provides hours of well-being on the sofa, on the terrace or in the office.

The breathable fabric of the comfort cushion guarantees maximum comfort thanks to the interweaving fine polymer and silver threads and is at the same time robust, water-repellent and easy to wash off thanks to the special protective membrane. Particularly practical if the cup of tea has fallen over or the cat has made itself comfortable on the cushion...

Our patented smart MyHeat technology provides a new dimension of safety - overheating of the cushion is impossible! Even in case of mechanical damage it remains safe.

Stylish beauty: The modern comfort pillow in burgundy red with the dimensions 40x45cm is airy and breathable at only 170g weight. The polyester material used is pleasantly cuddly and skin-friendly.

Exactly the right thing for cold days: In just 2 minutes our Maybaum comfort cushion warms up to a pleasant 42 degrees thanks to innovative MyHeat technology. The fabric structure allows an even and constant heat distribution and ensures cosy hours on the sofa.

Individually adjustable: You don't like it too warm or hot? Our Maybaum comfort pillow with warming function has an electronic temperature control with illuminated function display and five individually adjustable switching levels according to the temperature sensation.

pain-relieving: The heating pillow can be pain-relieving. Especially for complaints such as sore muscles, menstrual pain, cystitis or back pain, warmth is a real relief.

Extra safe: The danger of 'hotspots' (overheated surfaces) and electric shocks is completely eliminated thanks to the woven fabric structure with finest polymers (Smart Fiber Technology), anti-allergenic silver threads and the use of low voltage with 30V.

Improved hygiene: The water-repellent protective membrane provides extra moisture and wetness protection and is easy to wipe off. Dto keep the pillow breathable, the fabric is water-repellent but not waterproof.

If necessary, the comfort pillow can be machine-washed at up to 30 degrees. This means improved hygiene, especially for children, with pets or for nursing.

  • Design: wine-red
  • Water-repellent protective membrane for extra moisture protection
  • Product dimensions : 40 x 45 cm
  • Heats up in only 2 minutes to a pleasant 42 degrees
  • Electronic Temperature control with 5 switching steps
  • 100% safe thanks to unique Maybaum MyHeat-Technology
  • Detachable Switches with illuminated function display
  • machine-washable up to 30 °C
  • material: 100% polyester >/li>
  • Power >/span>: 15 W
  • Optional: if the matching Maybaum battery is ordered, the cushion can also be used as a mobile unit